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Which platform do you prefer? I think MediaWiki is a good choice. It’s pupular and easy to use. It’s easy for everybody to fix mistakes and translate the docu.

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Proposal: MediaWiki

What do you think of MediaWiki?

Outcome: N/A


  • Yes: 0
  • Abstain: 4
  • No: 0
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(Sean Tilley) #4

Not sure how I feel about MediaWiki really. Although I will agree that GitHub’s Wiki reaches a bit short of what we want it to do, we have to consider two things:

1.) The wiki, from a usability standpoint, should be pretty simple and easy to navigate.

2.) If we’re doing MediaWiki, then we should find a place to host it from within the Diaspora community infrastructure.

Truth be told, one of the team members told me that they plan on bringing wiki functionality to itself. I’m a little curious to see as to whether that might be useful.

(twain) #5

Which platform do you prefer? suggestions?

(twain) #6

…because of hosting. when we gonna use loom we have to host it to right? So the hosting problem is a problem we have surely.

(twain) #7

What do you think of using LaTeX and converting this to html?
For working together we could use git, exchanging the LaTeX files. I have no experience with this, just an idea.
I think its not so easy for newcomers to join the docu team or just write a short tutorial with LaTeX.
In my opinion it’s important that it is easy for everybody to improve or write articles.

(altruism) #8

Florian, “…but there might be better choices out there for documentation of a software project” such as? I’m interested to know about our options (concurrent proposals).

(groovehunter) #9

the one concurrent proposal I see is to put it all on the drupal site .

But a wiki is a wiki. And there are so many people who can work with mediawiki

(Sean Tilley) #10

Interestingly, it’s actually quite possible to add it to Drupal itself. There’s a great couple of modules that you can string together to add wiki functionality. This video here gives a simple demonstration:

What I like about a “CMS for a Project Site” approach is that a lot of infrastructure can be baked in, and we could have a solid user account system for actively contributing directly to the project itself, from its own website.

(groovehunter) #11

I will try today the drupal wiki. Last time I did was about a year ago. Freelinking had some issues. Maybe it improved.
To have it on one platform would be good.

(Sean Tilley) #12

Cool, let me know how it goes! :slight_smile:

(groovehunter) #13

installed a test drupal site on
@Sean , yep will do.

(altruism) #14

“Your application for an account is currently pending approval” do Drupal have alternatives or is this the only way to manage registration of new users?

(altruism) #15

I also tested to create a wiki page, it is also waiting for approval. Just for evaluation, can we turn “off” approval?

(groovehunter) #16

I find it hard to setup this wiki. But havent watched the video yet, will do now.

(altruism) #17

I know you are testing it, be cool.

(groovehunter) #18

On test platform I set registration mode free.

@all who are interested in drupal tests or discussion apply for new subgroup!
So we can continue discussion there!?

(Sean Tilley) #19

No, we should keep discussion on here for the most part. I don’t want to have to check three or four different sites just to have a conversation. :wink:

(altruism) #20

Sean, I think he meant a sub-group here in Loomio.