Documenting diaspora* federation

There is a severe need to at some point write clear documentation on how the diaspora* federation works and what type of content it handles.

The ecosystem of diaspora* is not constrained to just the Ruby version of diaspora* - there is also Friendica integration and lately the WIP Python version Pyaspora. To make the whole ecosystem talk across the whole network nicely we need to stabilize the federation with documentation, both protocol and content.

Disclaimer: I’m not saying or demanding anyone to do this work, just want to start a discussion to follow it up (as no discussion here exists on the topic yet) :slight_smile:

What do we have at the moment?

How up to date is this spec?

What other documentation is there regarding federation?

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Hmm weird, it was there earlier, now it’s gone:

We haven’t generated any docs for Raven24/diaspora-federation. You can add the project yourself by entering the Github project information below. You can also see a list of available projects here.

yeah, the recent updates to seem to have it made behave worse.