Donation using Bitcoin Cash

I see that there is donations to podmins in Bitcoin, but now Bitcoin transactions are expensive, can we replace it, or add with it Bitcoins Cash BCH?

It’s up to each individual podmin in what forms they will accept donations. The project itself has no say in that at all, nor should it.

If you want to donate to your podmin in a different form, approach them and ask them whether they will accept it.

I already talked with a podmin. So the configuration allows them to choose to get donation in bitcoin or not. I think they should be able to choose the name of the crypto currency of their choice.

They can freely customize app/views/shared/_donatepod.html.haml to their liking. We can’t possibly add config options for every possible situation out there.

Maybe we should just scrap that stuff and add a general “some markdown blob to be added to your sidebar” config.


Not opposed to that!

I also thought about that, but I would use raw html instead of markdown (first, we don’t need to render markdown to html, and second, when you want to add different donation stuff, you maybe want to add more than it’s possible with markdown, a input-field for example, or a progress-bar).

But I’m not sure about it, because you need to indent this multiline stuff correctly in the yaml, and I’m not sure how many podmins would break their config and we would have to help them (there are already some support cases where people broke their indention with normal single line options). And I think that everybody who is able to correctly add html to their yaml config, is also able to edit app/views/shared/_donatepod.html.haml themselves (and many podmins already did).

Well or we do the same as for the home site, a partial that’s loaded when it’s there. That could then also support different formats without effort on our side and be treated as a config file in distribution scripts.

What I don’t like about editing files is that you tamper with the state and might run into merge conflicts and more importantly it makes it difficult if not impossible for certain deployment methods.


That sounds good to me :+1: