Donde me registro?

en la web de joindiaspora no existe ninguna opcion para registrarme en esta red social, como puedo registrarme ?

(Versión en español a continuación)

Hello Jaime,
You can choose any one of the ‘open’ pods in the diaspora* network. You can find some instructions here: (you can select Spanish language using the button at the bottom of the page).
I recommend you read the first section of our tutorials for new community members: (also available in Spanish language).
If you don’t care which pod you sign up to, you can use this tool to select one at random: (it also selects nodes from Hubzilla and Friendica, so if you want to use diaspora*, just click the link a second time if it selects a different network the first time.
I hope that will help you!

Hola Jaime,
Puedes elegir cualquiera de las cápsulas “abiertas” de la red de la diáspora. Puede encontrar algunas instrucciones aquí: (puede seleccionar el idioma español usando el botón en la parte inferior de la página).
Le recomiendo que lea la primera sección de nuestros tutoriales para nuevos miembros de la comunidad: (también disponible en español).
Si no te importa a qué pod te inscribes, puedes usar esta herramienta para seleccionar uno al azar: (también selecciona nodos de Hubzilla y Friendica, así que si quieres usar la diáspora, sólo tienes que hacer clic en el enlace una segunda vez si selecciona una red diferente la primera vez.
Espero que eso te ayude!

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En Pod Uptime aparece una lista con los servidores que tienen el registro abierto. Recomiendo leer los términos del servicio ya que algunos tienen una clara tendencia política. Por las leyes sobre las cuales deben regirse los servidores, también recomiendo fijarse en el lugar donde se hospeda el servidor. Si te interesa la privacidad, aquellas buenas opciones están en Alemania o Suiza.

(Although I am mildly impressed with @goob’s language skills, I have to be that guy again and remember everyone to please use English here. This is an English community, because it is the language most accessible to all. Even a broken English is better than no English, because it allows people without Spanish knowledge to reply.)

Taking into account that Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, you may have to practice with it to adapt to new social trends. @goob is very kind and considerate and has respected a Spanish speaker. It’s time to catch up

@denschub, don’t be impressed with me; be impressed with – it was a copy-and-paste job.


Not only is your reply rather unrespectful to this community at large, it’s also just plain wrong. You based your statement on the number of people that speak Spanish as their native language, and in that case, well yes, Spanish is, in fact, the second largest language. But if we go after that, well, 你为什么不用中文发表评论? Yeah, I figured.

The point you seem to miss is the popularity of English in the education system, and a lot of people learn English as a secondary language. SIL International estimates the total number of people able to communicate in Spanish to around 512.9 million, while the estimated population of English speakers is 1.121 billion, so it ever so slightly outperforms Spanish by only a couple of hundreds of millions of people. No big deal. If you want to troll around, at least get your facts straight, alright?

So, once again, if we decide that the language-of-choice here in this project is, in fact, English, we do that because it is, in fact, the single language spoken by the largest amount of humans on this planet. Therefore, I once again ask you kindly to be considerate and use a language that everyone here is able to understand without the need of copy-pasting translations - including you. :slight_smile:

Given your initial question was about where you can sign up as joindiaspora closed their registrations, to which @goob provided an excellent response, I will mark this thread as resolved, and close it with that. If you have any follow-up questions, please open a new thread. In English, please, so that everyone here can profit from that by being able to discover your question and subsequent responses by using the search feature. Thank you.