Dot in old username - how to change

Hey there! Once i registered my account in the beginning of diaspora, i chose a username with a dot in it. Now i cant log in anymore because a dot is now prohibited. How do i change my username/get access? When recovering password, it says: “Username ist ungültig. Es sind nur Buchstaben, Zahlen und Unterstriche erlaubt.” (in English: "Username is invalid. Only letters, numbers and underscores are allowed."
How do i change my Username?

P.S. End of 2010 i got this email:

Hello sebastian.fischer!

You may have noticed that your Diaspora handle contained spaces, or was different than your login name. This was due to a weird error in the early days of Diaspora, and while we fixed the bug, there still may have been a problem with your account. When logging into your account sebastian.fischer, your Diaspora handle is now Sorry for the confusion!
Thanks, Your Diaspora administrator


Looks like you have a really old user, because since I remember dots are not allowed in usernames. Sadly you can’t change your username yet, but it will be possible once the migration feature is complete (or since you can’t login anymore, your podmin would need to do it). At the moment you can only create a new account.

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