Edit post deactived?

Why is it, that i cannot edit a post even right after i made it, on diasp.eu?
The usual pen icon doesn’t seem to appear anywhere.
Thanx for any insights.

Diaspora doesn’t have, and has never had, post editing. If there was a pen icon on diasp.eu that enabled you to edit posts after submission, that is something that pod has added. If this is the case you’ll need to contact the podmin of diasp.eu. I very much doubt that this is the case, though, as I don’t think that pod engages in any active development.

Here’s the current discussion about editing of posts. You can see that work hasn’t even started on it yet, although hopefully someone will pick it up for development soon.

@goob Thank you for the information. How would i find the admin of my pod usually, in that case diasp.eu?
EDIT: And i suppose editing is possible here, because it runs on discourse software and isn’t in fact a pod server?

Editing is possible in Discourse, yes. But you said

i cannot edit a post even right after i made it, on diasp.eu?

Which is nothing to do with Discourse. Do you mean editing your posts in Discourse or your posts on diasp.eu?

I can in fact promise you that diasp.eu has not implemented post editing. So if you meant your content on diasp.eu, you must have been mistaken.

Edit: and I see you’ve edited your previous comment in this thread, so clearly editing is working for you in Discourse.

@goob The unclear ways of text based communication :slight_smile: yes editing works here on discourse, my initial question was about diasp.eu. - your discussion link explains it all to me. Hopefully the recent flood of g+ “refugees” helps to fire up the development. Thank you again.

That’s good. I’ll close this as solved.