Editing posts - possible?

Hi, I recently started to use D*. After making a couple of posts I noticed a typo in one of them that I want to fix. However, I do not see a way to do that. Tutorials at http://diasporial.com/tutorials were no help. Am I missing something?


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Not possible due to the mechanism federation is built & people want to comment on posts or like posts that are not changed to something completely different afterwards.

Hi Alexander, and welcome to Diaspora. There’s information on why editing of posts isn’t possible in that article Flaburgan has linked to. There is also a previous discussion in Loomio about this - it’s always worth using the search facility before starting a discussion in Loomio and having a look through previous discussions so that you don’t make a duplicate discussion.

By the way, Loomio is for matters of policy and discussing the direction of the project, including feature requests in some circumstances. See this article for more information about using Loomio. For help on how to use Diaspora, it’s best to ask in public posts in Diaspora itself, using tags such as #help and #question, or try IRC or the mailing list if you can’t get the help you need in Diaspora.

Thank you all and sorry for posting my question here. Regarding “search first” - that’s what I was trying to do, but I did not see the search functionality at that time. I see it now.

One caveat about the search function: it only returns results for groups you are already a part of. So if you are only a member of ‘Diaspora Community’ and a discussion on the subject you’re searching for is in the ‘Developer proposals’ sub-group, you won’t see that discussion in your search results. So it’s always a good idea to look through the list of discussions in each sub-group in which a discussion on the topic you’re interested in might have been started, as well as performing a search.

Hope that helps.

Actually, Tent has a great concept for post revisions, which could allow federated posts to be edited. You edit a post, and the latest “revision” is pushed out to all recipients, sort of like a git commit.

Having versioned posts would be great but we would need some UI changes so people can see the differences between 2 versions and change/remove/validate their comments with regard to the latest version of the post.

Having versioned posts would be great but we would need some UI changes so people can see the differences between 2 versions and change/remove/validate their comments with regard to the latest version of the post.

Indeed. Without something like this (which seems quite complex for a social network), I wouldn’t want editing of posts to be introduced.

While others have expressed their opinion on the subject, I hope I will be excused to voice mine. I think the opposition to implementing the editing functionality is in fact an artifact of a developer-centric view. Ask 90% of normal humans whether they want and expect such a functionality and they all say yes. As far as I can remember, all web solutions that I have used so far have this functionality. And, we don’t have to look for examples too far. loomio allows this as well.

FWIW: Libertree supports post editing. Edited posts are pushed to remotes as revisions. All revisions are kept on the remotes. Our community has not requested a feature to compare revisions (though it could be added without too much effort); there’s a timestamp in the UI to indicate changed posts. So far, we had no problems with people abusing this feature to change the post fundamentally after a discussion has erupted.

Yup revisions will be better. If I post, I own it, so would like to edit it.

@alexanderzatko, I’m not a developer. I’m just a human. Whether or not I’m normal is a matter for debate…

@rekado Hi! Would you invite me to use Libertree?

@iuliandumitrascu send me an email to libertree@elephly.net or pop by on IRC #libertree on freenode and I’ll give you an invite.

Proposal: Should diaspora* aim to support post editing?

Leaving out the technical details and talking purely about whether the network needs a “Post edit” feature. The edit could be for a short period of time only, permanent, versioned, non-versioned, etc - whatever that counts as modifying a post after it has been published.

YES - Editing posts should be possible
NO/BLOCK - Editing posts should not be possible

Outcome: N/A


  • Yes: 41
  • Abstain: 1
  • No: 6
  • Block: 0

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YES - issue https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora/issues/1762 will be reopened
NO - leave issue closed :slight_smile:

@seantilleycommunit : I don’t know how the posts are actually stacked in the D* programm (I presume it is classic database). But I know it is possible to use DB to make revisions of objects. I already saw that in the NeXtep project, a DB schema versionning system I’m currently working with at work.

For the replication of the information I suppose it could be done the same way posts are managed ?

I agree that editting posts should be a feature that D* devs attempt to support. Other social networks have that feature, and we don’t want to fall behind the standard here.

Yes, We must implement post editing feature. My suggestions :

  1. Posts can be edited only within 1 minute without losing likes/comments. 90% of the edits within 1 minute are for typo corrections.
  2. After that it loses its likes and comments. But the users who made those likes and comments must be notified.
  3. Option to report editing (It is too much to ask, I know. :slight_smile: )