Editing Setup Wiki Best Practices

I’m going through the installation process to setup my dev environment a second time in a new VM. I noticed that when in dev mode the wiki doesn’t have the section “Important values in config/database.yml” because the Template:Installation/Configuration is hidden if not in production mode. I’m thinking that we should break that into two pieces (or extract that section into the main page) so that this always shows and then production only cares about the other settings. First, question, are we to take the “contributing to wiki’s” help’s suggestion to “Be Bold. Go ahead and make changes” or do we first have discussions about non-minor changes first (either on the article’s Talk channel in the wiki or here)? Especially for new members like me I’m going to assume that besides fixing grammar or spelling error type things we should be checking with people who’ve been around first. What is the correct dev community etiquette on that here?

What you’re suggesting sounds fine, so go ahead and make changes :wink: As long as you don’t change the entire installation guides or how they’re organized, changes should be fine without discussing everything first. Try to explain what you changed in the “summary” field when saving your edit so others can understand it more easily.
Please stick to our general structure with using templates (because those are used in various installation guides). You’d need to split Template:Installation/Configuration into two separate templates, for example Template:Installation/Configuration/Database and Template:Installation/Configuration/Diaspora.
When done, make sure to check (and adjust if necessary) all installation guides that use this template (not only one distro) to make sure you didn’t break any installation guides.