Embed LBRY.tv video-links same as youtube-links

LBRY.com is a decentralized(think torrent) content-creators platform built on blockchain principles.

It’s been gaining traction, and has an active developers #community.
It feels more d* like than dtube and bitchute. Maybe that’s just me.

i think it’s the next best thing in the #opensource community and should support it because of that.

Here’s their roadmap presentation for 2020

(our pod is 0.7.12 and it doesn’t recognize the format, unlike this forum which does :grin: )

Looks like they use OpenGraph video tags.

This should be as easy as adding the right URL whitelists to https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora/blob/develop/config/open_graph_providers.yml

Not that I quite get the benefit of a decentral platform with a centralized frontend :stuck_out_tongue: