Event function for Diaspora?

@jasonrobinson Pirate Praveen is an old Diaspora* member, he knows what he does…so we have to trust him and his dev team.

He is also a professional software developer and knows large features for any software require more than just pushing out code :slight_smile:

Hi, Just to add my vote of thanks to Joe et al. for starting work on this.
This a feature that there have been a number of discussions about already and is widely agreed that it’s wanted so it’s a shame that the response here seems a bit lukewarm.
@joeschraube - worth having a look through loomio at some of the previous discussions about an events feature and what community members would want it to look like! Good luck with it, I’ll be looking forward to it!

hi Nick yes I will move forward :). Just I have interviews with some developer and check what is posible - the echo here was ok for now. I have not found no older discussions about the topic event feature here. The page https://www.loomio.org/g/EseV9p4X/diaspora-community has no search function. Can you put here some links to the main topics ?

https://www.loomio.org/d/Fzc6uy7X/add-support-for-events-in-diaspora which goob posted above is the one to start with I think!

The page https://www.loomio.org/g/EseV9p4X/diaspora-community has no search function.

There’s a search field in the header bar if you’re logged in. It only, however, returns results from groups (and subgroups) which you have joined.

Pirate Praveen and his students are working on implementing the Events function!

His students ? O_O

Students :slight_smile:

Someone has news from this potential event function ?
Whatever, happy new year :wink:

What is the present status of this undertaking? I am not a developer (sysadmin here), but I would love to contribute in any way that I can (testing comes to mind, when it becomes needed).

Happy New Year!

The person who volunteered to work on this is new to ruby and rails. He is learning ruby and hopefully he’ll have a proposal soon to be discussed.

@praveenarimbrathod any updates on this? The events feature is really important, maybe that person would need some help. Who is (s)he? Can you invite her/him to join this discussion?

Events are super important for a useful social network - must have! :slight_smile:

@camil the students who promised to work on this chose another project. So we don’t have anyone working on it.

Events (and groups) are probably the main function that is keeping me on FB right now. I wish D* would have 'm!

There is a $70 bounty on the feature already - maybe add to it to increase the chance some developer will jump on it? :slight_smile:


Wow, excellent!

Keeping on Facebook is a philosophical / polítical desition. It
shouldn’t be only about functions.

El 01/04/15 a las 06:26, dianeep
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Events (and groups) are probably the main function that is
keeping me on FB right now. I wish D* would have ’m!

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Agreed. Sure you can stay on Facebook if you desire but there are other options. I use both features regularly and left Facebook years ago.