Event function for Diaspora?

So, maybe we’re over-thinking this. Or under-thinking it. Or something…

I’m going to try to break down a possible calendar feature into bite-sized chunks:

  • a Calendar: There are lots of ways to make calendars. Plain html tables, iCal, etc. Here is a nice-ish Jacascript calendar, and here is one in Ruby.

  • a way to get to the calendar: Should there a button on the top menu, next to the Notifications and Conversations buttons that leads to a full-page calendar? Is there a small calendar in the far right column with the current date and upcoming events hi-lighted? Both?

  • a way to create an event: This should probably be like adding a poll or uploading photos. You type in your text, click the calendar icon to create the event, select the date and time from drop-down menus. (What might be kind of nice about this is the ability to create private events by posting to a ‘Notes to Self’ aspect which you can create. Maybe good for Dr. appointments, etc.)

  • subscribe/sign-up/bookmark/rsvp for an event: Maybe when you create an event, it would make notification areas for RSVP’s like the ones which show the number of ‘likes’, comments, and re-shares. Responding ‘Yes, I’m attending’ might re-share the post to the ‘Notes to Self’ aspect, adding the event to your own calendar.

Just rambling. Maybe someone already has better ideas for this, or even actual code instead of vague descriptions. Wouldn’t that be something? But I thought it might be easier to think about in smaller, somewhat more manageable sections rather than a monolithic idea of “We should have an events feature!”

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These is a person in github who wants to help with this - https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora/issues/1359#issuecomment-101069375

Personally I feel events should be additional data on top of status messages, not full separate objects. So like polls are.

See https://diasp.eu/posts/3213003

Reason: loomio formatting is broken and can only view with no page style applied. Anyway, discussion about diaspora should be in diaspora…

If there is a long term plan to allow all the different decentralised / federated social networks to communicate how about we simply adpot the same event creation feature as used in GNU / Social, same look / feel but also the same or similar enough code base to allow data transfer between the various platforms.

Adding a poll as an event should be simple I guess. :rabbit:

+1, this would be a wonderful addition!

Is integration with an existing service such as ‘doodle’ (http://doodle.com/) possible? Perhaps easier than a new diaspora function code?

nice questionning. this Event feature is definitely a must have.
i was not sure if this forum or the github issues were the places to discuss this but anyway, here we are.

We should start with a minimal event management.
event object can be an extension of the post object, but i am not sure how this is all architectured. (and i am mostly a front end web dev, using symfony/doctrine/twig for the backend, here to help)

minimal POC would be like this:
a page to create a new event, with just a simple form.
the ability to save an event object (POST call API on the backend)
a feed listing events published.
event objet having:

  • a title
  • a description
  • a visibility (public by default, to begin with)
  • an adress (no need to plug it to a map for the beginning)
  • a start date (other kind of dates will come later)
  • many userSubscribed objects. (which are objects telling if an invited user says he will be there or not, more on this later)

-an API to manage our participation on an event (POST call /subscribe-to-event/{event-id}/{answer)
and that’s it to make a proof of concept.
everything else will be part of a roadmap for later on.

how do we start this, who’s in ? :slight_smile: this would be so awesome!

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Great to get some input here! There’s a list of entities, routes etc in the documentation for the diaspora* federation protocol, which should now support events. Hopefully that will give some ideas about a way forward.

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I think that events are a social need in general. Maybe one doesn’t like these or those because of their content, but for one that’s the same for other users of a social media platform, and secondly any cultural input to social media should be welcome. It’s not a convenience, it’s a necessity in the life of many.

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Damn. If i were a pod admin or even a good enough coder i would love to get my head into this.

yup, some ideas are good. But i guess we had a lot of some ideas already, just like you shown here :smiley:
what we need now are these:

  • people to choose what to do
  • a proper way to choose what must be done, or discussions will be endless just like now (the idea of events started in 2014, AFAIK, and in 2018 there is still no beta version to production)
  • people to do stuff

other way we will always have people like me having some skill, ideas, a bit of time, and a lot of motivation but no place to code things.
here is a step forward:
i made a fork of diaspora and imported it to my shared gitlab as a public project:

the planning will be discussed and made visible in the kanban board, listing issues.
people can join it and discuss, make some tests locally, make merge requests and go iteratively.
let’s go o/

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Development seems frozen?


Was @tykayn initiative a good start?
I would love to see this working.

i did not dig much in this.
instead i contributed to Mobilizon, the federated project to manage events and groups of people, with activitypub. it’s working and highly maintained with a paid guy from Framasoft :slight_smile:

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Mobilizon rocks! Kudos for contributing to that!