Extended Profile Visibility

Under Settings -> Profile when you scroll down to “My extended profile” you see the setting “Visibility of your extended profile:”. The options are only “Limited” or “Public”. Please add the ability to check any or all of your Aspects, instead of the “Limited” option.

This is needed because, in order to “follow” someone, you need to add them to an Aspect. And, just because you are adding them to an Aspect, you may not want to share your Extended Profile with them.

I know you can just follow hashtags, but that is not always desirable. Sometimes you just want to follow a particular person.

This probably won’t work. We federate your private profile to remote pods when there is a need to, and remote pods display the profile publicly or only to contacts based on the public_details field in your profile and whether the contact requesting to see the profile is sharing with you or not. This decision happens on the remote pod, not your pod, because we can’t ask your pod every time someone wants to visit your profile on a remote pod.

Right now, the remote pod only has one piece of information in regards to a contact’s state: whether you are sharing with them or not. For your feature to work, the remote pod would not only need to know that boolean state, it would also need to know which aspects you have, for which aspects the profile should be visible, and in which aspects a given contact is. Details about aspects and who is in what aspects are information we deliberately do not share with anyone or anything.

However, we can leave this request formally open, maybe someone has an idea on how to actually implement this without over-complicating our share model.

Thank you, Dennis, for your response.

I hope in the future there is a way to implement this.

I’m going to submit another, separate, request regarding following someone without sharing with them. I’ll search for existing submitions first.

I’ve read some of the other suggested topics regarding Following.

I hope that diaspora* figures out a way in the future to provide some granularity to the privacy of my extended profile.

For now I have added a new Aspect called Following. However, I’m always going to leave my extended profile mostly blank, even though I do want to fill it out and share it with friends. Without being able to restrict certain Aspects, I’m going to feel as though the extended profile is a dangerous area to complete (fill out).