Feature request : using + in tag

Could you add the possibility to use + in tag ?

This is a duplicate of the GitHub issue you’ve already opened.

There’s no need for both, unless it’s decided in GitHub that more extensive discussion is needed.

That is the case.
The issue is: on the one side these characters are not used / supported generally by other platforms,
on the other hand is the idea, that diaspora can make it “better”.
But: Is it wisely to separate handling on this topic from the other platforms, or more important: is there a technical limitation to do this?

Only allowing alphanumeric chars was not an accident, but is a deliberate choice. Once you start adding non-alphanumeric characters, there is no end to this discussion and you’ll end up in a bad place. This is not about being “better”, this is about finding an implementation that makes sense.

Supporting #whatever+ in this case might be a valid request, but if we’d add a plus sign for some reason, the next person tomorrow will complain that #diasporafoundation.org is not a valid tag. And at this point you have lost, because you cannot sensibly add the dot to a hashtag; that would completely destroy other cases like I had some #cake. It was perfect. and… yeah, that’s just not going to happen.