Federation Restructuring Proposal Discussion

(Sean Tilley) #1

A rough draft for this proposal can be found here. This proposal is a general query for community members and developers to see if this is an option we would like to take for the future. If we went with this scenario, we would basically restructure Diaspora’s federation system and models to be compatible with Tent’s schema, and possibly apps as well.

There are quite a few things to think about, as this is by no means something we want to do right away. Rather, this is just something we should consider the implications of, including the scope of what would actually need to be done. Would love to get some insight from the Tent guys on this.

This is not a proposal to make a course of action, rather, it is a hypothetical discussion on if we were to do it, how would we do it, and more importantly, would we seriously want to do it?

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(Julian Steinwachs) #2

Niceley written proposal.

Maybe it is possible to take the tent protocol and shift it at least a little bit towards activitystreams. Their posts allready are more something like activities. For example if you start following someone that is a post. The activitystreams schema is quite elaborated allready, and adopting it would make it more attracting for other fedsocnet-projects. Just an idea.

(Jonathan Rudenberg) #3


I’m one of the Tent architects. We looked extensively at Activity Streams before deciding to go with our own schema. The main reason is that Activity streams is designed for “X verbed Y” and “X verbed Y to Z” style interactions.

We see Tent as a personal data vault that has evented (posts) and static (profiles) data. While Tent can be used to implement Diaspora/Twitter/Facebook/Google+ style social interactions, it could also be used to implement anything from email to Dropbox to browser history/bookmarks sync. For these use cases we would have to heavily abuse Activity Streams.