is going to close

It has been announced in 2019, Framasoft, the french NGO which hosts dozens of free software as a service, wants to reduce the number of them running. If you have time, read the blogpost above, it really is interesting (and as we knew how important it is, we translated it in English). One year and a half later, it is time to plan the end of framasphere, which really takes a lot of energy to maintain, mainly because of moderation (and the too simple tools provided to deal with by diaspora).

The end of Framasphere was initially planned before 2021, but I convinced the other members of Framasoft to wait for the account migration feature release. Unfortunately, it still isn’t there and they don’t want to wait anymore.

Because Framasphere is one of the biggest diaspora* pod, its end will impact the project, so I wanted to tell you the news in advance (we still have a few months), to give us time to maybe react to this.

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In a way that would wipe all that dormant accounts that populate framasphere…

Too bad the migration GUI is not done and completed.
d* is stable and solid, at the expense of a very slow progress.

How to boost up diaspora dev ?

So, the work on migration is ongoing, hopefully at least the backend part will be merged a few weeks before the 7th of October so that users can migrate to

On another topic, I would like to know how I could properly close Framasphere. Is closing all accounts still on the pod at that time enough for other pods to know that they should not send anything anymore to Framasphere? Is there something else I should do?

Another question, how hard do you think it would be to redirect all users to a simple page only allowing to do the export of the data? Would that code in application.html.haml and do the trick? (I didn’t test the code, it’s just for you to have an idea)

- if user_signed_in? && request.request_uri != "/pod_closed"
  %meta{"http-equiv" => "refresh", :content => "0; url = '/pod_closed'"}/ 

Or is there something else I should be careful about? The idea is to allow both the users to still download their archive and the pod to still be able to process the Migration messages which will come through the Federation.