Hacktoberfest 2018

DigitalOcean is running an event called “Hacktoberfest” (homepage). The purpose of the event is to attract more people to open source/free software contribution.

People are invited to participate in Hacktoberfest by making pull requests to public projects on GitHub. By the rules of Hacktoberfest each person gets a T-shirt as a reward after creating 5 legitimate pull requests to any project on GitHub during October.

I propose for diaspora project to take part in this event.

The main way for a project to take part is to mark some issues on the GitHub with a label “hacktoberfest”. At the homepage of Hacktoberfest there is a link that makes a search among issues with this label, so people who are searching for a place to contribute can find our issues there.

Since the event is targeted for newcomers we can probably mark newcomers issues with the hacktoberfest label. https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora/labels/newcomer

Also I think that helpwanted and quickfix labeled issues are also good for marking them for Hacktoberfest. https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora/labels/help%20wanted https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora/labels/quickfix

Another way to participate in Hacktoberfest is to make a publication from diaspora hq account with some information about Hacktoberfest and its rules. In the publication we would invite people to contribute to diaspora and other projects on GitHub and make a promise to provide support for the newcomers by our usual communication channels.

We should also check other diaspora-related repositories to mark out other possible ways to contribute. PRs for our website or documentation (e.g. API spec) will count too.

So all we have to do is add that label to existing issues we want to have worked down?

That’s only one part of my proposal. Actually people can contribute to diaspora to get a t-shirt without us marking issues with the label. Marking the issues is just a way to make our issues visible by the link from DigitalOcean. But this is not a requirement, just a thing we can do to reach more people in relation with Hacktoberfeset.

Right I guess the question is do we want to have everyone tagging issues with it if they are doing it? Like I have three issues I’m working right now and I’m subscribed so should I mark mine that way? Second would be if there are open issues flagged for people that come here or does it not matter as long as we have some issues that are labeled as such?

@comradesenya that sounds just fine to me. You have the required permissions, feel free to mark some issues with a Hacktoberfest label and let me know when you are done, so I can come up with a nice DHQ post. :slight_smile:

No. You, Hacktoberfest participants, and everyone else should work on one issue at a time. Because there is absolutely no valid reason to work on multiple issues at the same time, unless they have the same root cause (i.e. can be fixed within one PR). Everything else is just blocking issues because someone might want to work on something eventually, which is bad.

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I’m completing the issues and moving on to additional ones if I am blocked waiting for information/feedback and/or waiting for a pull request. I would otherwise be idle on the project. I’m not literally coding on three different things at a time.

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Then it’s not an issue, as there is a PR opened. Ideally, the PR commit or the PR description (not the title) includes the issue id, so GitHub adds cross-references automatically.

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I do have the issue number in the PR and the branch name. Does it need a hashtag in front or something?

Please check https://help.github.com/articles/autolinked-references-and-urls/. If you have other questions, reach out to me via IRC, this is kinda off-topic. :slight_smile:

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No, actually I don’t have the permission to modify labels on the main diaspora repository.

We… fixed that. :slight_smile:


BTW, we had a discussion earlier that we will put small bounties for newcomer issues to attract more new people. IMO this information worth being included in the hacktoberfest announcement.

Ok, I marked some of our issues with the Hacktoberfest label.

Some of this issues were marked as newcomer and some weren’t. Since people with different software skills are participating in hacktoberfest that should be fine. We should outline in our announcement that participants should pay attention to whether there is a newcomer label or not to see if it fit their skills.

Also I think it would be great to post some bounties to the issues so we could announce that in our announcement and potentially attract more people.

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This is timely, as a number of the G+ refugees have asked about contributing. We could try to make use of that new intake.

Thanks, everyone.

Hacktoberfest + new G+ users + the docker image almost ready = many new contributions possible!

That’s awesome.

@comradesenya did you write a draft somewhere?

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