Help for a huge witchy project

I know this isn’t up work…ha ha…but I have a huge huge idea… particularly for a witchy community…I have many factors in play but need a team…

I honestly don’t know if this is spam, if you got lost on the internet, or if this is an actual request around the development of diaspora*. Can you elaborate?

Hello Sir…it is not spam…I have a fabulous idea… well I think it is…if you can help me…I want to create a decentralized witch social network with a database and encourage purchase of .witch domains…I will continue if you want…I have messed around with a few website options but it’s not going to be up to par…this could be absolutely huge…if you are interested let me know and I will get into details.

diaspora* is a free and open-source project that everyone can run. Here are the installation instructions.

.witch is not a TLD that currently exists, so “buying .witch domains” is impossible unless you somehow build your own DNS system that everyone in your group is using, and that would cut you off the rest of the internet. ICANN currently does not accept applications for new TLDs. A new round of TLDs might happen in 2026, and if it does, you can apply to get your own .witch TLD. If you plan on applying, I suggest you to save ~$250.000 for the fees associated, and another ~$100.000 to run the TLD for a while.

If you have specific questions about diaspora*, how to run it, and how to develop for it, this is the right place. Everything else is beyond the scope of this forum.

I purchased through free name…and I minted the tld on block chain…for $2000…i do not own all the .dot witch but will make royalties on anyone who makes a dot witch purchase…but I am not trying to correct you or justify my claim. I appreciate your response heartily!

What do you think about a decentralized witch social network and would love some direction and help…

Ah, you’re a blockchain person. Now everything makes sense.

Well, in that case, please have that discussion in a community where they discuss blockchain stuff. diaspora* isn’t a “blockchain project”, and we want nothing to do with any of this, so you’re in the wrong place.

I have enjoyed this .witchy discussion.

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Good…I sure didn’t mean to offend or mess with your chi…on another note I would not say I was a block chain person…I am just open to opportunities if not desperate:) I hope it pans out to unlimited potential…
Appreciate your help with clarification… because I truly didn’t know it was considered so.