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this is my first thread and i want to try this. Hello all.

  • Can i build a group?
  • Can i change the overlay into german?
  • What could i asking, too? hmm
    THX for this great social network. I hope that i will be fine here :smiley:
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ohh no answeres. hmm


A quick search on the discourse server here will find a number of posts about groups. It is a feature that many people have been asking for since 2012. Unfortunately, the people who want it don’t know how to implement things directly in Diaspora, and the people who know how to implement things directly in Diaspora have other priorities. Users want groups, but there’s just not enough development bandwidth to satisfy what the users want.

The github feature thread here holds the latest news on it, which is basically people asking for it. There’s a $387 bounty at Bountysource that helps motivate the development. I even had $50 in there at one point. It’s not a ton of money, so I can see why it isn’t much motivation.

The problem is that users who depend entirely on groups go elsewhere. The feature simply isn’t here and can’t be cobbled together using features that do exist. The only people who continue to use Diaspora after discovering it lacks groups are those who don’t really care that Diaspora lacks groups. So the viewpoint that groups don’t matter is disproportionately well-represented here. There’s no good way to count the people who signed up, found out they couldn’t have groups, and left.

Short answer: someone has to go implement it and nobody has done it for 7 years. I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Hello @xecuter, and welcome to Discourse.

Paco has already answered about groups. This is a feature that a lot of people want, but that no one has yet wanted enough to create. The people who do the core development provided support for groups in the federated network (if you’re not sure what that means, see the tutorials I’ll link to below), but still the feature has not been created by anyone in the community.

You can change the interface to German using the user settings page. This is explained in the step-by-step tutorials on our project website, which cover the basics of how diaspora* works, and how to get connected with people.

If you look for the diaspora* HQ account (hq@pod.diaspora.software), you’ll find a recent post welcoming new users. This includes some useful tips and links to other resources to help you get familiar with diaspora*.

Apologies for the late response. I was in the middle of replying last week when my browser crashed, and in sorting that out I forgot about this reply. I’ve only just discovered this tab, containing my half-written reply.

I hope that helps a bit, and I hope you’re enjoying using the network.