High Data Usage On Mobile Device [RESOLVED]

Hi, I am new to Diaspora & have downloaded the app to my mobile device (android). I noticed that the Diaspora app is using lots of data. For example, with only a couple of minutes use, accessing the stream, (not seeing any videos), it used about 60mb of data, including about 500kb background usage. Can anyone explain this to me & how it can be limited? Thank you.

Galaxy S3 mini Android 4.1.2

Hello and welcome, @justinpbrown :slight_smile:

Diaspora doesn’t have any official apps. There are a number of thrid-party apps but basically all they do - they display Diaspora normal mobile pages and add some bells and whistles. It is hard to provide troubleshooting for unknown third-party apps.

I would recommend trying to just open Diaspora in Firefox or Chrome - it will have pretty app-like experience, especially if you create a screen shortcut.

If you really want an app for Android then Dandelion from F-droid store is pretty good. The version in official Play store was a bit obsolete last time I checked it.

Also note that data usage directly depends on what is in your stream. Diaspora mobile view has some optimizations but if your contacts post a lot of high-resolution images (especially if they embed them inline) it will use up traffic but this is the case with any website.

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Spc Cw, thanks very much :slightly_smiling_face:

The app I have been using is called Diaspora Native WebApp. I prefer not to use apps, so shall hitherto access Diaspora from a browser.

Many thanks for your help.