How not to turn into another feature wishlist?

Most of the discussions here are following one simple scheme: “I want Diaspora to have this feature/character/appearance”. Given that there won’t be a white ruby programming and distributed systems specifying knight appearing in the near future, this will turn turn into another feature wishlist.

So before talking about features and protocols, please think about who is going to implement them. I highly recommend the following interview with Linus Torvalds:

“In many ways, I actually think the real idea of open source is for it to allow everybody to be “selfish”, not about trying to get everybody to contribute to some common good.”

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This is important to realize (and a great quote from Linus :)) by everybody. However of course we cannot restrict discussion but will just have to make everyone realize that to get things done the best way to help is to actually help make it come true.

Of course everyone can not turn out code, but then it just means that those persons must respect that individuals writing code will most likely write code for their own enjoyment and thus work on features that they find interesting.

If someone is really loaded and wants a feature - pay a coder to implement your feature :wink:

Most of? I’d say a few. And there is a sub-group called Feature proposals. Most of the discussions and proposals so far have been laying the groundwork, talking about how we’ll use Loomio, how it’s best to structure future development, along with discussions on documentation, governance (each with their own subgroup), including ToS and so on.

It’s possible that people could come in and start creating lots of ‘I want this feature’ proposals, but I wouldn’t say that’s been the case so far at all, and if it does happen it can be dealt with then.

This is a really early stage of the community-project Diaspora. In this stage noone of us knows clearly what the community expects this project to become some day. Which direction should it take?

And I think even simplest feature-wishlists can help the project now, so everyone knows what the other community-members expect from the project.

So make a wish, Christophe.

Should’nt that for any proposal that demand coding, any decision (by poll) could’nt be taken if some one had not decided to code it (or at least try ?) and then go to the github part ? That means a poll/decision should be blocked until that. But maybe it is in the Github part ? (I have never used github). What are the links between Github and here ?

There are 70 person on loomeo, how many can code for D* ?
I can not.

I think it’s good that you bring up this point and I agree with the proposed motivation behind contributing to open-source projects (‘selfish’ can take many forms, nonetheless).
From my point of view it’s fine, as long as the people who are here understand, that we (the programmers) are all doing this in our free time and things might take a while before they can be tackled and turned into code.
Everything else will have to develop in one way or the other.