How to add new profile fields?

Hi can someone please tell me how you add Profile info to the sidebar?
I have tried everything i can think of

I have
*edited sidebar template file
*added entry in the profile section of database
*added profile variables to multiple source files. models/profile.rb controllers/profiles_controller.rb and others.

What am i missing here?

Hi there,
I recommend you read the ‘getting started’ tutorials series for new community members: Tutorials - The diaspora* Project
How to enter profile information is covered in part 1: ‘signing up’, under ‘registration’. There’s also a section on how to manage your account information in part 7.
The technical people will, I think, tell you that you should never manually alter the database or other files in this way.
I hope that helps.

I’m asking how you add new profile items that dont exist in Diaspora
Relationship status for example or maybe Ethnicity

How do i go about adding these.

Oh, right. Your post didn’t make that clear. I’ll leave it for one of the developers to answer you.

I’ve altered your thread title to something that’s a bit clearer. I hope that’s OK.

Alright thanks for your help

If it’s any use, it looks as though the display of profile fields is handled in app/views/profiles/_edit_private.haml

What you’d need to change to save info to the database and make these new field function, however, I couldn’t say. Someone else will be able to, though.

You can’t do that. Fields of your profile are hardcoded in the federation protocol. Even if you add some in your pod, they won’t be shown to other people in other pod. The protocol would need to be extended for this. But you can simply use the “bio” generic field of your profile, there are 65535 characters available here, that should be enough…


I finally figured it out, it was code in ‘app/presenters/profile_presenter.rb’ i needed to change.
Thanks for all your advice.