How to deal with harasment by a person who keeps creating new accounts and posting SPAM and attacking people on my account from

I am not a developer, but I have been using Pluspora since G+ was closed by Google.

I have never had any problem with the group or the users in the past until a few days ago when a person from the above site started posting anti vaccine and anti mask comments on one of my posts and start attacking others who responded to him.

Blocking him didn’t help, he has since then created over 20 different account and keeps posting nasty comments and personal attacks on many of my posts.

Contacting the pod admin of the has not given any results and I am really getting tired ot deleting his comments and blocking all his accounts.

This is the message one of my friend send to the pod admin:


One of the users of your Diaspora* pod is misbehaving. He/she keeps making insulting comments, and when his account is blocked by people, simply creates a new one and repeats those posts.

Accounts that have been involved are:- nwoxc6553

  • hggfa2486
  • hgfg6789
  • gfkjfkg7647
  • fhjk5694

This person has claimed, repeatedly:

“it takes me just one click to run registration macros and a few seconds to input captacha (though I may try to train a deep learning model for it later), plus each time someone bans me and I run out of account I get one more, so I don’t need to create it after every ban, often just to relogin.”

I really wonder if it is possible to just block all accounts from that site? Or a way to prevent a person from creating new fake accounts and preventing them from posting these attacks?

I really appreciate your help and support,
Best regards,

@FaaB64, there is nothing that can be done centrally to help you because Diaspora is decentralized, and individual pod admins determine the terms and conditions for their pod. Only the admin of the pod you are on can choose whether or not to block certain content, accounts, or pods from federating with your pod; and only the admin of the host pod can choose whether or not to take action against accounts on their pod. The podmin of is Zoltan Toth ( The podmin of Pluspora is David Thiery (

I’m going to close this discussion now because it’s not something that can be dealt with here in Discourse, and this isn’t the place for personal disputes or discussion of issues such as vaccines.