How to debug email issues?

I’m testing my email configuration but I just keep getting a green popup that says “error sending email to {address}”. I’ve checked production.log but all I see is messages relating to creating the popup, not what’s actually causing the error.

I use MailGun and I use it on other services, so I’m fairly confident that I have the correct credentials. But diaspora has a lot more config options than other services I’ve used. I think everything is correct, but clearly it’s not. If I could find the specific error I could probably chase down the problem.

Can you share all errors you’re seeing? You also might want to check for failed jobs in /sidekiq.

So I think the error that I was getting was because the email I was trying to send was an invite to my email, which was already registered on the site. This is under the /admins/user_search page.

I switched to using an alias that isn’t signed up, and now I get a “Invitation sent to {address}” popup with the same style as the error in the screenshot.

However the email never shows up, and MailGun doesn’t show any attempts to send a message. Sidekiq doesn’t show any new failed jobs. I do have 73 total failures, I’m not sure where they came from, but I had 73 before sending the mail and 73 after.

This is the only method I’ve found in the client to test emails. Is there perhaps a better way?

Edit: To be clear, the only thing I’ve done to set up email is editing my diaspora.yml and restart. Is there anything else I need to do?

Given your other topic of not seeing the password reset link, maybe you forgot to set the mail enable flag to true?

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Heh… that would do it. Thanks! Sorry to waste time on this. Not sure how I missed that.

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