How to know followers / following?

Is there a way to see the followers like in twitter?

Yes, you can see the ppl who sharing with you, go to your contacts then in the end after your aspects click on (only sharing with me) .

@amraboelela, you might find it useful to read our tutorials for new members.

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For help such as this, read the literature available (there’s also the project wiki with various articles on all sorts of topics, or ask in public posts within Diaspora itself with tags such as #help so that the community can help you.

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I guess what I am trying to say, is that there is no easy way to see who follow me, or who follow other users and how many, the same way people are used too in other social media like Twitter and Facebook. One of the greatest features in Twitter which incentive people is knowing for each user how many are following them, and who are they.

diaspora* is not twitter. We never wanted to be twitter, and we never will be twitter. diaspora* is about communicating with each other, not collecting friends or followers as a trophy to show off.

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That makes it hard to find / connect to other users in the system. And this concept of followers is everywhere including GitHub.

you can find users by interests, that is, hashtags (both profile hashtags and post hashtags). users also can decide to make their contacts within one aspect visible to each other but this is a personal decision.
contacts are not public info.

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Hi amr, at the moment there is no concept such as following someone on diaspora. The relationship is the opposite: you share with people by adding them to an aspect, allowing them to access your posts. (technically, you send them your public key so they are able to decrypt.)
You can find the users who are sharing with you but you are not sharing back on the /contacts page. That information is personal so private.
You can choose when you create an aspect to allow members of that aspect to see each other. In that case, when those users visit your profile, they will have a third tab next to posts and photos called “contacts”. They will there have the number of contacts accessible to them (so not the total number of your contacts). As the contacts list is not federated, this feature is available only to users on the same pod.

However, if your point is not to do statistics with contacts numbers but to find new people to share with, you either already know that person (then you need to ask them their complete id, as discussed before that’s the only sure way to find someone) or you don’t know them. The question then becomes “how can I discover new interesting contacts on diaspora*”.

The best answer in diaspora* currently definitely is, search for #tags which interest you and check the list of person on the left column. You can also display the “Public” stream, containing all the public posts of the pod.

Thanks @flaburgan for the explanation. So does that mean all my posts are private by default and nobody can see/search for it?

It looks like diaspora is more like Facebook, not like Twitter that I though in the beginning. Have you guys heard about Twister?

Also one more sidetrack question :slight_smile: in Wikipedia it said that diaspora had 1M users in 2014 but right now total number of active users from is about 20K does that mean the number of users are shrinking?

You can have more stats on

Okay, in all seriousness, this has to stop. As @goob already mentioned, you are welcome to ask any technical questions or discuss about issues you have, but discourse is not a platform for anyone to ask about anything they want.

Please stick to one question per topic. And please stick to topics that fit into the categories.

Yes there is. Go to your contacts list and click ‘Only following me’.

It’s none of your business who other users are following. That is why you can’t see who other users are following.

As said above, Diaspora is not Twitter, nor is it trying to be. And Diaspora cares about its users’ privacy, which is why you can’t find out many things about other users that you can find out on Twitter, Facebook etc.

Given all the things you’ve said about what you want from a social network over the past week, perhaps Diaspora is not the right network for your requirements.