How to manage invite links?

I run a closed pod, I don’t have a lot of bandwidth so I’m restricting access to only close family and friends. The only way to add new users is through invite links.

The invite link has a set number of uses. What can I do when I run out? As the podmin, I figured I should have unlimited invites. I don’t think I’ll add more than 25 users, but who knows what will happen long term.

I also don’t want my users to be able to invite more people. I just don’t want the server to grow to be too big. Is there any way to disable that?

You can set the default number of invites in the diaspora.{toml,yaml}: diaspora/diaspora.toml.example at develop · diaspora/diaspora · GitHub

And you can add invites to your user directly at the bottom of the user search (/admins/user_search), and to any user by searching them first at the same place.

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Is there any way to decrease the amount of invites a user has?

My current users still have their 25, and I clicked the “add” button for my account and it gave me 100, which is too many. I don’t want someone to forward my link to someone untrustworthy where I then get hundreds of users.

I suppose I can just disable invites altogether unless I’m expecting a new user, so that’s probably what I’ll do if there isn’t a way to decrease the count.

Untested but something like RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rails runner 'User.find_by(username: "<your_username>").invitation_code.update(count: <desired amount of invites>)' should work.