How to order goodies to promote Diaspora?

Hello everybody,

I will take part in an event about social networks, and I would like to bring goodies to promote Diaspora, like stickers for instance.

Is it possible to get that from the Diaspora Foundation? How much would it cost? I’m located in France.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Arnaud,

there are some diaspora* logos licensed under CC-by-SA and others having a low threshold of originality which make them copyright-free (like the simple wordmark diaspora* or the asterisk logo), that means you are free to sell goodies via print-on-demand services like Spreadshirt, Zazzle, CafePress or Merch by Amazon. You can find a lot of official logos here:

Note: The files Diaspora-logo2.png and Diaspora-hand-drawn.svg do not contain any copyright notice and therefore need the agreement of the copyright holder. You also have to follow the CC-by-SA license for some artwork there (attribution of the original creators and same terms of usage for your derived work).

I think it is the easiest way, when you simply sell those designs and donate a part of your income to the diaspora* project.

This reply was edited by @denschub: The information here is simply wrong. It does not matter if artwork is copyright free or not, this is a simple matter of trademark law. The corrected response is available below.

Someone might have spare stickers etc. from the last FOSDEM conference.

If you don’t want to create your own stickers, you can get some from unixstickers; there’s a diaspora* collection:

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We do not have any official merch and we don’t really plan on creating a merch shop for various reasons. However, feel free to build your own stuff! As @waithamai already suggested, unixstickers is probably the best place to get stickers. Those have been authorized by us, and they make super high quality stickers that won’t scratch easily. offers you a wide range of products (including shirts, hoodies, mugs, and teddy bears) and shipping to france should be around 7 EUR.

Do you mind letting me know what kind of event this is? Maybe we could provide you with some stuff. :wink:

Also, let me just clarify what has been said previously. You are free to print your own stickers, mugs, shirts or whatever you want to. You are also free to resell them to make up for your costs, but under no circumstance, you are allowed to make any profit from this without prior approval from the project’s core team, no matter if you donate parts of the profit to the project or not.

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@denschub This is not how copyright works.

The diaspora* logo has a low treshold of originality and is not protected by any copyright law. You are right, that trademark law may apply. But the wordmark diaspora* is only protected in the US for the classes 9 (software) and 42 (application service provider), see here, but not for 16 (printed goods) or 25 (clothing).

Also the CC-by-SA license explicitely grants you to commercially use work based on the licensed artwork. You may confusing this with the non-free license CC-by-nc-SA which prohibits making profit with the artwork.

Your argument with the trademark law is not valid. According to Creative Commons, applying a CC license to your trademarks and logos could even result in a loss of your trademark rights altogether. For further information look here.

To end this dispute I created a 100-percent trademark-free DIN A4 sticker set using the diaspora* asterisk in Nimbus Sans L licensed under CC0. So @denschub may wallpaper his whole data center with these nice stickers below.

And the best of all: There is a variant with a fucking awesome cute red panda!

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Hello and thanks everybody for your answers !

@denschub : the event is a yet-to-be-announced workshop for local associations and individuals, to share best practices about social networks and microblogging (with topics such as privacy for instance), and to promote alternatives to the main commercial services.

I will present Diaspora*. Fla’s talk at FOSDEM will probably be my main inspiration (you can suggest me other sources!). Another speaker will talk about the OStatus solutions (GNU Social, Mastodon).

To clarify : I don’t want to sell goodies! But I’m a volunteer (unpaid) who wants to spread the word about the alternatives, so I thought It could be a good idea to give stickers to the convinced attendees so they show their support too (or just remember the name of the social network they should use instead of Facebook :slight_smile: ). It’s a bit like when you gave stickers at FOSDEM for instance. Nothing commercial.

I don’t want to spend a lot because I will pay with my own money and I will get nothing in return, apart from the satisfaction of promoting Diaspora* :slight_smile: So I hoped for something cheaper than the unixstickers solution ($27.48 for a dozen). But I’ve never made stickers myself so perhaps I’m wrong about how much it should cost…

By the way, sorry if I’m English isn’t very good, it isn’t my native language.

Which country are you based in and when is the event? I might be able to ship you some… :wink:

I’m based in France. The event is expected to take place on the 9th of May at the earliest (probably later because there is no communication yet)

Thank you very much for this offer! If it’s possible, tell me how I can compensate you.

Send me a shipping address to

If we ever meet in person, buy me some cookies.

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