Huge gobbledygook dropdown

Mentioned this somewhere before. Too intermittent to post details then but just got it again. See below.

Every once in a while I get this dropdown, I think when I click on stream, and can’t do anything about it so I must just exit and restart.

Hi there! Is this happening randomly while you’re using diaspora, or does this happen after you come back from a break? What happens if you click the diasporg logo/text in the main bar, or when you try to click on “settings” in the user navigation?

It’s hard to say what’s going on here, but this kind of error usually just happens when there’s a very unexpected server-side error, which you’d have to email the podmin. Although I still don’t fully understand how that might happen in this case, as you’d get redirected to the login page as the Stream link is doing a full navigation…

I’ll have to wait for the next occurrence to get the details you are asking about. Pretty sure it doesn’t respond to clicks anywhere and pretty sure it happens randomly not at some identifiable time.

If you can, a screenshot of your browser’s developer tools javascript console would also be helpful, just to check if there are any errors in there!

Ok. Not sure what that is or where to find it but I can try a little investigation. I use Brave.

Here you go: How do I open the browser dev console?