I don't understand it. Is there like a news feed or something?

I tried to use Diaspora a couple years ago and couldn’t really get it then either. Is it like a glorified bulletin board or something? Not really like facebook… I’ve been searching for an alternative to facebook for a long time. I hate the way it’s gone. It was great in the beginning but today it’s just a hyper censored corporate ponzi scheme. The idea was great… but always money and politics corrupt. #new


Hi @DJJimmyAllen and thank you for trying diaspora*. Have a look at the official tutorial to start off the right foot :wink:


Hi thanks for the link. I’ll read through it when I got the time. That was another thing I remember about Diaspora was that it required a lot of reading and learning. Not real “user friendly” as they say.


Welcome. Well I think I don’t understand. Did you mean if diaspora supports rss?

I think the general experience is pretty straightforward, reading and learning is mostly required when you want to get nuances of how Diaspora works. But same is with Facebook - I remember spending good 30 minutes trying to find setting not showing me “online” to all my contacts there every time I opened it.

Basically it boils down to this:

  1. Pick a server for you (they like to call it “pods”). It is just like email - you can choose Gmail or Yahoo or whatever, you’ll still be able to talk to everyone. https://podupti.me has the list of active pods, select something with good uptime, recent software version and running Diaspora.

  2. Go there and create an account, it is simple and literally takes 30 seconds.

  3. Once there make a post with #newhere tag in it, make brief introduction to things you like, maybe tag them too (#cycling, #rock, whatever). You’ll get some responses, maybe add these people :slight_smile: Then go search for things you like. Open Public feed, browse it, add some people/tags. Keep adding/removing things you like/dislike and in a few days your feed will get lively. Do post things yourself and tag them - tags help people you don’t know yet to see your posts so they can interact and connect if you want.

More info is in the official tutorial but the basics are very simple and are a lot like Facebook except there are no either content or people suggestions (which is good).


@SpcCw Very nice summary :slight_smile:

<<<<<<<<<<<Thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you. You know I never really understood the RSS thing either. I assume it means a feed of some kind… but see that’s the problem with facebook and G+ and stuff is it keeps us dumb lol I know itunes uses RSS but I never figured out itunes either. I figured out how to find the stream on here with the hashtag things anyway :wink: