I need help with my blog


I am very new to Diaspora, my blog is only a few days old, and I would like to know two things:

1- How can I monetize my blog? Is it possible to put Adsense or something similar so that I can earn money with the visits to my blog?

2- How do I put videos? I can only put pics and links, but I don’t know how to put videos in a post.

Thanks, greetings

Hi Macky,

Diaspora doesn’t have those features. It’s really not a blogging platform but a social network, so it’s about connecting with others and sharing content both ways in a more ‘conversational’ way.

If you want to blog you can link your Diaspora account with a WordPress blog so that your blog posts appear in Diaspora as well. You might be able to ‘monetize’ a WordPress blog – I don’t know.

There isn’t built-in video hosting for space/cost reasons – most pods are run by volunteers to help other people out, and hosting a lot of video content quickly gets expensive. You can, however, host videos on a third-party site and then link or in some cases embed them into Diaspora posts.

As you’re new, I recommend reading our ‘getting started’ tutorials for new community members, which will explain most things to you.

Best wishes.