Icons next to moderators/admins

Hi everyone,
It would be nice if moderators and admins would have a small icon next to their nickname to show everyone their status, so that they’re easily recognizable and people know who to contact if they have any requests/questions.
I think a shield just like in discourse for moderators and a crown for admins would be perfect.
The podmin of an instance can be found easily but there’s no list of moderators, or additional admin in case the main one isn’t available,
What do you all think ?


Hm, this would have to be displayed only to the users of the pod, obviously. But what are you trying to achieve exactly? If the goal is to contact the admins or moderators easily, I think we can do that better. If it is to distinct the moderators when commenting on a post, I’m not sure I want this. I don’t want to be seen as someone special in all of my participation in diaspora.

Well it’s a bit of both. You say you don’t want to be seen as someone special, but in discourse there is the little shield icon, does it bother you that much ? We could of course let the podmin/moderators chose if they want to show that or not.
I think it would improve the confidence users would place on a particular pod, knowing that they are talking with someone that is trusted, and that can answer their questions. Sometimes I feel new users are a bit dumped in a new world without much guidance, even if all the well intentioned users welcome them which is great.
For current users it can also show that the pod is well maintained and that the people running the pod are actually serious about running it.
I might be ranting a bit here, but I hope you catch my meaning.

Here on discourse, I have only one role: I’m a diaspora* contributor. On diaspora*, I sometimes have that role, but I also debate, share pictures, make jokes… That’s not linked to my diaspora* contribution and I don’t want it to be, both for me and for the project. It’s like keeping your working badge when you go to the bar, there is a place and a time for everything.

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Agreed, that is why I think being able to decide is someone wants to show it or not is fair.

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