If user "close account" then what happens to his/her writings?

Recently, one of my friends asked me this.
“If I delete my account on facebook, what happens to my posts?”

So, I replied to him.
“Your posts and photos and even every replies will be gone, not displayed on anybody’s screen.”

And I also think to myself…
‘But I am not sure that all articles would be deleted permanently on facebook’s DB internally. FB would like to capture (as deactivated) them for some reasons.’

And let’s talk about Diaspora now.
In the UX of JoinDiaspora.com, I can easily find the menu for same action: “close account”.
I feel weird about picking the word “close” instead of “delete”.

I want to ask Diaspora org this question.
"If I [close account] of mine, then what happens to DB?"
Does all my writings will be permanently deleted out?
Or DB would be remaining as deactivated (not displayed)?
Or only account will be closed but posts would be remaining as displayable?

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This is what you see when you close your account:

My personal findings with closing an account:

  1. I closed the following account some time ago: mynabird80@joindiaspora.com
  2. The account is still searchable form other instances and shows some basic profile view, but no posts.
  3. Re-activating the account via the password-reset function shows “Your account is locked.”

Would be interesting to learn more about this topic, I will follow the comments :slight_smile:

I can confirm this. I tried to reactivate an old account and got the same message.

In my case the account is searchable, shows my old profile picture (which I can’t delete / change because I can’t reactivate the account…) and one post. It’s still possible to add the contact and as far as I can see there’s no info that the account is closed.

Is there a way to delete my old post and profile data?

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