Improvement Diaspora* search engine

Improve the Diaspora* search engine

  1. Allow the ability to search a combination of tags, eg. #nature + #photo

  2. Allow the ability for users to search for posts by user and by subject, eg: to search for posts by Juan Santiago, search " + #palestine"

(Please, English is not my language, can anyone correctly write my proposal?)

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Proposal: Combinated search

  1. can search a combination of tags, eg #nature + #photo

  2. can search users combining by tags, eg: + #palestine

Outcome: N/A


  • Yes: 21
  • Abstain: 1
  • No: 0
  • Block: 0

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Great, yet another “I can haz please” proposal. Please show me a single comment objecting an improved tag search.

Yes please, the proposal should be better written


It does not seem contradictory, the label improved with the combined search.

The proposed improved labels is useful to use phrases like labels (not just words).

The proposal to enhance the search is wider, also includes search: label + author.

Have you thought about backwards compatibility?

PS: I am not opposed to improving labels, I abstain, because are technical issues that i,m do not understand

@juansantiago please rephrase, I can’t follow what you’re trying to say me or what your answer has to do with my statement.

Jonne Haß, ok, sorry about my English,
I’ll have someone translate this to proper English.

yes is about your statement.

What about negative tags? #cats -#dogs (posts with #cats but without #dogs). What about OR operator… why not all the operators?

(You know… just because you wish for the feature here, it is not just going to happen. Do you already have plans how to implement it and are ready to code it yourself?)

here’s a possible way to do a federated search


Replace the Google, etc plugins it comes with with something to fetch feeds of tagged public content from your Diaspora instance

At the Seeks end the connector needs to be done in c but it doesn’t look difficult.

I already tried it by modifying one of its plugins to fetch some event-related feeds here.
Apart from minor (fixable) formatting issues my little hack works and the seeks instance finds the content.

Seeks itself does a kind of federation of search results using some kind of DHT which would reduce the need for every site doing search to mass-poll or mass-crawl every other.

Um, haven’t we already had loads of discussions about this very issue? I’m sure there are several existing Loomio threads, although I can’t be bothered to go looking for them at the moment.

I don’t think anyone objects to this - but we need code, not a vote :wink:

Please code!

Does anyone know where this is in the code? I found:

Looks like the code right now is just
if search_query.starts_with?(’#’)

Why is this a vote? Isn’t this a feature request to be filed at GitHub?

It at least won’t be done unless it’s filed at github.

Why is this a vote? Isn’t this a feature request to be filed at GitHub?

It already has been filed at Github, long ago… see #2019 and #4287.

There’s also an existing Loomio thread about it. So this is a duplicate in every sense.

Thanks for keeping us in line @goob!

(New here, and not really understanding the somtimes quite technical dialogs and various threads on similar subjects, apologising therefore, BUT as a new Diaspora user that likes to see the use of Diaspora increasing)
I can’t find the answer on my question why searching is person ID and hashtag limited and why one cannot search fo any word (so search for words not hastagged).
I guess I am defintely not the first one to note this, and most probably (I assume) it may result from a deliberate policy / community choice to provide the search option for now as it is, but in the wiki or on the future development pages provided by Diaspora this issue IMO isn’t clearly adressed.

Is there a specific URL where I can read the current vision on (limited) search options in Diaspora* and why one cannot search for single words without a #?

Again I apologise because the question may be very annoying for those who know, but that’s exacty the point: how do you know why this is the case?


The absolute search consume many more recuros for a system like Diaspora is vital conserve resources, search taxonomies save memory and processes.

A absolute search engine for diaspora (only content and public users) is a very good idea (not consume resources pods), but it seems preferable to be done externally, an API would facilitate this.

ah, ok thanks for explaining Juan. I get the point now, hopefully a future feature then :wink: