Improvement to log in system

Hi guys,
I saw someone implemented the Persona log in in Some improvements are needed. The first time I clicked on Sign In, the pop up appeared and I log in (I already have a Persona account) but after validation, nothing happened. I re-clicked on Sign In, and this time the website proposed me to create an account. I did it, but after validation, I was still not connected, and had to click a third time on sign in to be connected.

I think this can be improved.

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Also, about the create account page, I think it’s useless to re-ask the email address, and that listbox “contributor / designer / hacker” can be more complete. Or maybe something to indicate the programming language we know. And a box for a country too.

Hey Fla,

Out of curiosity, what browser did you use to sign in?

Mozilla Firefox v16 on Ubuntu

Hm. I’ll see what I can do to make the experience better. You’re able to sign into the site just fine though?

Right now, yeah. Yesterday, I had the same issue that above.

I mean, sign in the first time didn’t log me in. No error, but the button sign in in the page instead of my name.

I am a web developer so I can help with that maybe. But I don’t know drupal…

interesting… I have no problem with firefox, but chrom(e|ium) is redirecting me to re ‘register’ page instead of finishing the login

Hmm…I haven’t had any problems whatsoever with Chromium.
If you’d like, I can file some bug reports to the module developer?