Improving our landing website is the page we promote as a landing for people who got interested in diaspora* and want to know more.

Two main sections of the homepage is “diaspora* is based on three key philosophies” (what is diaspora?) and “Want to get started?”. I guess that a person who got interested in diaspora actually wants to know “how is it different to other social platforms” and “why do I want to register there”. We don’t have direct answers to these questions. I think it may be good to add them. So we have a list of reasons why diaspora may fit to a person, like

  • diaspora* is more censorship resistant comparing to centralized social platforms, so it fits good for independent media
  • diaspora* helps to easily manage your posts visibility and therefore helps you to communicate and stay more protected from unwanted attention (e.g. bullying, or repressions in repressive countries, where your post can be treated as a reason for persecution)
  • diaspora* resists better to mass surveilance and mass target advertisment
  • etc

Also, we can include some link to a table, that compares diaspora* to other platforms with checks and crosses in the cells of the table. Something like this.

Second, the domain name doesn’t make it obvious that it is a page from where people should start their acquaintance with diaspora. Maybe we should register another domain name, that will look obviously like something as an entry point for people who got interested in diaspora*?

And third, recently I noticed that has implemented a feature for autoselection of a pod for a registration. Maybe we should promote this feature at