Indicate your role

I’ve had an idea to make it more obvious to everyone who’s doing what, which is to indicate in your Loomio display name what you think your main useful contribution to the project is, so if you are a Developer you would have Name - Dev.

I’ve changed mine and I’d like to encourage everyone else to do the same.

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Good Idea…

But would be best to define categories before

Based on a post by @Flaburgan I propose the following :

Usr : only user (can ask for feature, test new feature, report bugs…)

Dev : Developer and coder (programmer) that contributes the code on github

Tr : Translation

Su : Support : Help users with our projects (by anwering in forums, google, groups, wiki, faq …

Co : Communication : Promote our projects (directed to users)

Ev : Evangelism : Promote our projects (directed to devs)

Bt : Build tools around our projects (website for promotion, tools for translation, blogs… etc.) (eg :,, etc)

No need to shorten them so they need a glossary :wink: there’s plenty of space

or register at the project site and add yourself to the correct category? :wink:

I’m not sure the categories are good … what is collaborator? Plus the page name “Supporters” is kind of odd to me.

No thanks. I don’t support this.

Alright. Maybe the page is sufficient…

@Jason I’m willing to add/adjust different additional category tags. Collaborator just sounded like a good way to describe people that maybe support the project through evangelism or by showing up everyday out on the stream.

After all, part of Diaspora’s big appeal isn’t just that it’s decentralized or has a good layout, a huge appeal comes from the people that show up everyday and contribute to the community as a whole simply by being there.

I didn’t expect a detailed discussion about this, just change your display name to something you think is appropriate and a convention will establish itself.

You don’t have to standardise everything you know.

Robin, it just doesn’t seem like a good idea imho :slight_smile: If someone thinks it’s a good idea, they can do it of course.

Well for anyone new who comes (I’m basing this on my own experience) you have no idea who anyone is. Take me for example, if I didn’t have it on mine, for all they know I could be a founding developer rather than someone who’s not much of a coder and joined in last week.

I think its really important for it to be as easy as possible for people to get involved in the project, and this is part of that

One of the founding principles of Diaspora is that anyone can present themselves in any way they wish. Trying to impose on people to present their names in certain ways is baaaaad.

To encourage more people to get involved, I think it would make a lot more sense to use the Diaspora HQ account (to which everyone is subscribed by default when they join Diaspora) to ask for help with development, outreach and so on. Sean already does this from time to time.

I’m not talking about imposing anything, this wasn’t a proposal for people to agree or disagree on, it was as suggestion, I’m doing it and I’m suggesting that others do, they can do so or not. Why this needed any discussion I’m not really sure, if you don’t like the idea, don’t do it.

I’m not quite sure why you posted this in Loomio, then, Robin. Loomio is for making and deciding on proposals for how to move things forward for Diaspora’s future - creating proposals, discussing them and (optionally) voting on them.

Not criticising you, but saying in case you didn’t realise what Loomio is for.

@Robin I completely agree it is beneficial to know what everybody do, but I think put it in the name is too heavy. A solution could be to link our name to a profile (on diaspora ? :D) where everybody can read who you are. We have to talk to the dev, this is really simple to do. It is only a input to add in the loomio setting, and everybody can fill it :slight_smile:

Personally I think the page on, linked to below, is sufficient.

I wrote to the loomio dev to suggest that they add a simple link in our name. This link would be chose by the user in the settings. I think I would put a link to my Diaspora profile, but it can be to any website.

Fla, that’s an AWESOME idea. :smiley: