Information video's about D* and next Fosdem 2019 questions

I stumbled upon the website of @jasonrobinson and saw the interview he gave at Fosdem 2015:

I think exposure like this is extremely important to spread the D* news. Are there any more interviews, talks and/or demo’s about D* available? Why aren’t they promoted more intensively?

What are the plans for next Fosdem 2019, 2nd and 3rd of February? I know I will be there since we will probably have the day prior to Fosdem the NethServer Community Conference in Brussels.

Should D* have a boot at Fosdem? Anyone able/willing to fill this boot? Anyone able/willing to do a (lightning) talk?
More info on the Fosdem event and how to apply for boot/talks:

Ohh I remember that one… good times :wink:

Jason and myself will participate with a feneas stand this year. Its a newly created association promoting all kind of decentralization software. Maybe you wanna team-up with us :slight_smile:

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Then I look forward to meet you there. There is always so much to do and so little time at fosdem… but I will find you guys for sure!

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Hi! Yeah, we’ve been to the fosdem for a long time. We had a boot at least in 2015 and 2016. I gave a talk in 2017 in the decentralization room. You can find the video and the slides on the fosdem website.

I’m still not sure I will attend this year and to be honest, the project didn’t make any big progress since that time, so I’m not sure a talk is a good idea, especially because everybody will only ask about when we will support ActivityPub… Something we’d love to do of course, but which is far beyond our current resources.

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I’m pulling the trigger on going to FOSDEM 2019. Looks like there will be at least a couple of us there. I don’t think a booth will be worth it. I generally have found for a small team building lines of communication through more in depth one-on-one communications is a better use of resources. Having other discussions with the rest of the distributed internet projects I think is a good thing. As @flaburgan says, a lot of questions of when we will support ActivityPub will come up. That’s fine. It’s a fact of life and we shouldn’t hide because our response may not be to everyone’s liking.

I posted to IRC but I’ll duplicate it here that I’d be willing to help with someone that wants to give a presentation on Diaspora, or take the baton of putting one together and giving it myself if no one has. I know we gave one in 2017 and things aren’t radically different but there has been some progress and it’s not like we are so ubiquitous that we shouldn’t elevate our profile at an event like that. I know presentations can be a lot of work but I think it’s worth my time to do that. Let me know either way.

I look forward to meeting some of you in person for the first time soon :slight_smile:


Actually just registered for the submission system and looks like submission deadline for a devroom was last night. I submitted a topic which I can retract if there is already one. The topic title I chose was “Diaspora and the Modern Fediverse: Building Community and Software in the Age of Data Awareness”. Worst case they say no.

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Thank you Hank for your involvement. Fate decided for me: the annual big meeting of Framasoft (the french association which runs a lot of services including the framasphere pod) is the same week-end, so I’ll be there and not at the fosdem. I can help you by providing feedback before the event if you’re willing to give the presentation

Nota Bene: if you’re coming from the US to Europe specially for a technical event and one of your goal is to meet diaspora* contributors IRL, the best event to do that probably is the Chaos Communication Congress where most of us are. I unfortunately never went there, but Dennis, SuperTux, Sammy and many others usually are. (But I never saw them at the Fosdem). We’re going a bit off topic here so let’s talk about that on IRC.

I hadn’t heard of that until the other day when Dennis brought that up on an unrelated topic. I assumed it was a German language conference, and unfortunately like most Americans I’m monolingual :(. I’d love to attend that as well actually but can’t do that end of this year. Putting it on calendar for next year :slight_smile:

Just a quick follow up on this topic. The Diaspora presentation I submitted was not selected. It’s a shame that one of the biggest federated network systems isn’t going to have a presentation but it’s not entirely unexpected considering the timeline. I’m still going to be attending the session and trying to get good dialog with people at the forum. Next year I’ll be sure to be jumping on this earlier.

Seems like many submissions hadn’t been taken.

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Yeah I noticed that too. The session is full too which means there were a lot of submissions. I’m stoked about how much energy there is around the topic.