Install Docs Using Retired Shortener URLs?

(Mactrent) #1

Looking at any of the install documents on the wiki (in this case ), multiple users in Matrix chat are getting an error when installing RVM - “504 bad gateway”.
URL giving this error:
I’ve tried using this URL from a browser, and even creating new shortened links. It would appear that creating links works, but is no longer redirecting properly. Is this a temporary outage, or has this service been retired?

In any event, we’ve found that substituting for the above at least allows the install to continue. If this is the new state of things, how can we find for sure the proper URL? I can create an account and swap it into the wiki once we have it, if needed.


(Side-note: I’d also recommend against the curl | bash usage in the documents on principle. It’s convenient, of course, and not running as root… but please don’t promote this blind script usage, no matter how much you trust the source.)

(Flaburgan) #2

@jhass should be able to answer you.

(Jonne Haß) #3

Ah sorry, my monitoring is down :confused: Fixed now.