Invite links and Sharing

I think perhaps for new people being invited to D* pods from other platforms using members invite links, it would be useful if when that user signed up, sharing could be automatically enabled (or suggested during signup process, so new member can choose aspect for the contact, eg friend, work, acquaintances)

I invite people to my pod, but its difficult engaging with anyone if they don’t know how to add people etc, so I find users come and then go, rather quickly.

Not everybody will want to take the time to read the help sections - so keeping things simple could really help boost interaction from new members.

I was pretty sure this does already happen. I’ve just tested it by sending an invite to another of my email addresses, and I can confirm that:

  1. the email text reads:

You have been invited to join diaspora* by Person’s Name (!

Click this link to get started

Or you can add to your contacts if you already have an account.

  1. When you click the link and create an account, the first screen you are taken to has, prominently displayed,

You were invited by [friend’s name and avatar] - - - [add contact button]

I’m not quite sure what more could be done.

Is the above not happening for you? If so, which pod are you on?

This only happens when using an invite link (with /i/ in the URL); if someone goes through the normal sign-up process and chooses their own pod, there’s no way to track a referrer.

I run a pod, with latest non-dev version of D*

Perhaps some new users are just not clicking the link, I will go through the process myself to make sure.

Just checked out the flow, and it seems to work perfectly, this was via a desktop machine, I will examine the same for the mobile UI too, as this is how many people are probably registering.

I initially installed the (then) most recent version of D* back in June or July last year and don’t remember things working so fluidly - presume there have been changes?

I’m not aware of any changes to the invitation/sign-up process; as far as I remember that is exactly how it’s worked for 7 years or so. But of course this is only possible when an invitation URL is sent and followed.

I’m not sure about the mobile UI – some features are lacking there – let us know if you find any step missing.

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As goob said, this is already implemented and it’s here for years now. But you’re right, maybe it’s not part of the sign up process in the mobile version. Please check and if the feature doesn’t exist, you can open an issue on github. Thank you for taking time to give feedback!