Is there a way to transfer my account?

Server going to be closed, because of government policy or resources deficient, etc — what do I do then with my account?

Well, it is pretty disheartening. I am sure an expert will help you soon.

You can export your profile and photos under Settings/Export. Then you can ask a podmin to import your settings. You’ll need a 7.99 pod for proper export and a 7.99 Pod for import.

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Is there any way to retrieve a profile from a site that just disappeared with no warning, help, or response ( Figure I know the answer is no but thought I’d ask. Lists of contacts, photos, old postings. All just gone?

I’m afraid there is not… You could search on other pods for your profile and probably get a good copy of your public contents, but you won’t be able to re-claim or re-build your profile from that. The only place where your private encryption keys are stored is your home pod, and having access to those keys is the only way to use your account. :frowning: