Issues by installation on Debian10

Good evening,
I’m trying to install a pod on a container Debian10.
Of course, I followed the official instructions plus and

It was OK until bin/bundle install --full-index
From this step I had to improvise…

The next issue was the Database and UTF8.

Now I can’t start ./script/server: it starts ans crashes in a never ending loop.

Please have a look here for more details: I took notes about the commands and the issues with the error messages.

Did I solve the update of mimemagic (0.3.5) in a correct way? Is it the reason of the problems?

After a reboot, as user diaspora:
``~/diaspora$ bin/bundle exec unicorn -c config/unicorn.rb -E production
I, [2021-04-04T16:50:22.446749 #508] INFO – : Refreshing Gem list
Rack::SSL is enabled
I, [2021-04-04T16:50:35.402025 #508] INFO – : unlinking existing socket=/home/diaspora/diaspora/tmp/diaspora.sock
I, [2021-04-04T16:50:35.402623 #508] INFO – : listening on addr=/home/diaspora/diaspora/tmp/diaspora.sock fd=10
I, [2021-04-04T16:50:35.436177 #508] INFO – : master process ready
I, [2021-04-04T16:50:35.437566 #522] INFO – : worker=0 ready
I, [2021-04-04T16:50:35.445015 #524] INFO – : worker=1 ready
=> it seems to run, but not when it is called by ./script/server

Thanks for your help.