Issues setting up Chat/XMPP

Hi, I have recently set up a pod, so bear with me, I’m still learning.

I have managed to get the web based chat to work on my pod, including offline messages (there was a permissions error in the /var/lib/prosody/* being set to prosody:prosody, but prosody is running under diaspora’s username, so changed the permissions accordingly)

The major issues I have, is that I can’t seem to get Pidgin (Linux) to work using the BOSH URL, it sends an XML request, the cert is validated etc, but in the pidgin debug log I always get

jabber: RecvBOSH: (ssl)(0):
jabber: BOSH: Received invalid XML

in the prosody logs i am seeing messages about no SID provided

I can’t see my contacts in the Pidgin “buddy list”, and pidgin is stuck at “Connecting” - do I need to somehow specify an Aspect in the account config?

Sorry this is a little long winded but im confused as to why it works with the inbuilt client but not Pidgin, its the same protocol, right?

Other small issue is that if I set my status to Online (or whatever) in the built in client, if i navigate away from the current page or reload, my status goes back to “Offline”

Going to call it a night for now, but if anybody with experience setting this up could maybe assist, I and others would be very appreciative!



Follow-up: I was able to connect OK with Xabber and Gajim, but not with Pidgin.

Seems that others have had success with pidgin… looks like the problem only occurs with the BOSH connection method under Pidgin, but seems to work OK with web interface…

Follow up #2: SRV records were set incorrectly (my pod is behind cloudflare) the SRV record set-up interface was a little confusing, but all is good now… Pidgin working…

Haven’t been able to connect using Converse.js / inverse so will investigate this.

Seems that development on the JSXC chat has fizzled out a bit so might either try to pick up on that or contribute to Converse.js integration which I saw mentioned somewhere else…