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(Flaburgan) #21

Thank you goob.
I’ll also use that pad to list the things I think we should do (mainly communication related) before the release.

(goob) #22

Don’t forget to add ‘Have a party’ after the release…!

(Dennis Schubert) #23

Here is what I am going to post to diaspora soon to announce the stream: https://public.etherpad-mozilla.org/p/eiPh6fai-diaspora-stream-announcement

Feedback is welcome!

(Benjamin Neff) #24

No release? :frowning: so if we manage to do the release, it will be a surprise-release? :smiley:

:thumbsup: from me

(Dennis Schubert) #25

yeah! moar surprise, moar fancy!

(Benjamin Neff) #26

So here is a small update what had been done and what’s still blocking the release:

So we have already merged #7482, #6726 and #7509. That are already 3 big things done, so huge thanks to everybody who helped with that! :heart: I also managed to get travis happy with #7514 :tada:

But there is more to do :wink:

  • #7514 and #7182 need a review, @denschub told me, he can do that this weekend.
  • #6750 needs to be updated and reviewed, @comradesenya what is the state about this PR? I have the whole weekend time to review, so we can do quick cycles when there are changes needed.
  • #7519 needs to be done, @flaburgan what is the state of this?

I am confident that we can do this, and freeze soon (target is still sunday evening/night). When we can merge rails 5 this weekend, I’m fine when we need to delay the freeze for other things for 1-2 days, but I want to test rails 5 as long as possible, because it’s the change where I see the highest risk of regressions even when travis is green.

Since the stream was announced without the release, we can do a silent freeze and don’t announce any release date. We can create a generic “there were merged a few big things, please test” post. Then we can decide the day before the stream if we want to release during the stream or not (depending on how many bugs found). Or we could do a regular freeze and announce the release at the stream. What do you think?

(Comrade Senya) #27

I still work on it and I don’t think I can push it earlier than tomorrow evening. Of course I can push what I’ve done so far immediately, but I’m not sure it is useful to review it right now, since I still can move and change some code.

(Benjamin Neff) #28

If you write what you plan to change (a list of planned todos in the PR description is enough), I can already review it, get used to the code/changes and see if I find something else. If you think it’s in a too bad state, then you can also wait. I have no idea in what state it is :wink: If travis fails, that’s OK.

(Comrade Senya) #29

I added a general TODO list out of 4 points and pushed the present version of the PR. Feel free to comment, but some of the parts aren’t my final words :slight_smile:

(Flaburgan) #30

I should be able to open a PR on this today.

(goob) #31

I’ve completed (more or less) a first draft of the release announcements. There are some technical issues I’m not fully aware or don’t fully understand, so it will need to be checked and corrected by someone who does understand them (particularly the paragraph explaining details of new federation and migration).

I haven’t done a changelog for, but have added a list of changes in versions to, as suggested by fla.

(Flaburgan) #32

Thank you goob for your work. I’m leaving tonight for one week of vacation, I will have my computer with me but have no idea how much I will be able to help. I focused on the update of the help section of diaspora* #7528, as this was blocking the code freeze. Unfortunately I had no time to work on the announcement but I think there is no rush: the code itself is not even frozen at the moment.

(goob) #33

Fla if you’re not going to have time to finish your work on updating the help section, let us know as I’m sure we can finish it. I’ve reviewed it, and I’ve only suggested changes to the en locale strings, plus combining the public_profiles and private_profiles sections into one.

Hope you have a really enjoyable vacation!

(goob) #34

Thiago has created an image I really like. It’s hosted here: https://goblinrefuge.com/mediagoblin/u/lacaster/m/diaspora-0-7-0-0-918d/

diaspora image

What do you think? Do you think this is one we can use? Any further changes to request? The discussion is happening on fla’s post yourpodname.org/posts/6b0607a060cb013535a4457cf5a075a6

(Dennis Schubert) #35

I know that someone else may be working on an image. I guess we can make the decision last-minute.

Sneak peek in what the stream might look like: https://public.etherpad-mozilla.org/p/taeS6via-diaspora-stream-contents - please note that this document is subject to change, and nobody but me has action items right now. This is more… informational for you. :slight_smile:

(goob) #36

Sure – I wasn’t suggesting we make a final decision now. I just thought I’d post it here so people can see what they think, and whether it might be a contender. We should certainly wait until everyone’s had a chance to submit their artwork before deciding.

(Dennis Schubert) #37

Aaaaand the code is frozen. This is going to be a GO for during the stream.

You. are. amazing.

(Dennis Schubert) #38

A befriended artist made this:

which I am going to use as a theme for the stream, because I really like it. If there are no objections, I’d make that our release theme.

(goob) #39

I like it too; it’s quite different from images we’ve used for previous versions. I’d quite like to also use the image from Thiago I posted upthread (which I also like) in some way. But no objections from me to using the one you’ve posted in the stream and release announcement.

I’m going to be away from tomorrow until Tuesday, so I’ll miss the stream (I’m so upset!). I will have computer access and might be able to tune in, but can’t guarantee as I’ll have to prioritise socialising with people in the same room as me over people not even in the same country… (I know; awful, isn’t it?)

The agenda for the stream looks good; lots of structure.

Things remaining, apart from fixing bugs and merging the release, that I know about:
– Finish the release announcement (needs checking by someone who really understands the changes).
– Merge updates to the project site if they are acceptable.
– I think that’s it! Most things have already been ticked as complete.

Great work, everyone. I wish you a happy stream and a pain-free release.

(Dennis Schubert) #40

Too bad that you are away, but please check the mail I sent you some hours ago, it’s kinda important. :slight_smile: