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(Flaburgan) #41

@denschub do you have the image in a bigger resolution? And also a with a bigger width? (So more like a rectangle).
That’s for the twitter wallpaper.

(Benjamin Neff) #42

(Flaburgan) #43

Thank you that’s better but I would still see something more stretched, with the logo and the text smaller and more spaced.

(Benjamin Neff) #44

The draft of the blogpost is here: https://blog.diasporafoundation.org/44

(Dennis Schubert) #45

So… now that everything worked out as planned, any objections against moving this post into a publicly visible area?

(Benjamin Neff) #46

no objections from me :thumbsup:

(goob) #47

Nor me…[20 char limit]

(Benjamin Neff) #48

LOL :smiley: I know that problem, that’s why here are two smilies (:slight_smile: count’s as 14 chars :wink: )

(goob) #49

Thanks, but I am allergic to smilies…

(I was tempted to put a sticky-out tongue one at the end of that, but…)

(Dennis Schubert) #50

I heard no strong objections, so this is public now.

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