Linkedin and facebook crossposting

Dear all,
hereby a suggestion to implement Linkedin and Facebook crossposting, like is available now on some pods for Twitter, Tumblr, etc. I understand from some other posts FB used to be available, and now isn’t anylonger, i seem to remember that has something to do with their own policies, so perhaps FB is not possible. But Linkedin would still be a huge one: it is a massive professional network. In my opinion, Diaspora can replace all 3 in 1 go (i’m a new enthusiastic user, i really like the interface and the ideas behind it), but the more crossposting there is, the more useful it is until we get everyone to use this (since I cannot NOT post on Linkedin and Twitter for work stuff). May also really help in getting people to use this.
I am not a programmer but happy to help with testing implementation etc.

You’re correct; and it’s unlikely ever to be possible again in the future, for diaspora* or any other network, because of Facebook’s actions.

I can’t imagine there being any traction for cross-posting to LinkedIn, but let’s see what others say.


I’d love to enhance the cross-posting too. Right now I do a bunch of it manually, unfortunately. My big cross posting nice to haves would be: Facebook (can’t do it any more), Twitter (already does it), LinkedIn (doesn’t do it), Mastodon (doesn’t do it). The first thing I worked on when I started developing for Diaspora was actually the Twitter and Facebook existing crossposting features. I haven’t looked into LinkedIn’s API or the Mastodon API (or limited ActivityPub) for either of those though.

hi all - thanks Hank!
i’ve been reading up a bit about ‘social media management applications’, eg

if Diaspora/framasphere would be able to do these things, they would be a real competitor for everyone using those apps!! may be a really interesting way to attract more people to Diaspora/framasphere. But i of course have no idea about the amount of time/work involved in coding such links…

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Enabling apps to interact with us is one of the reasons why the API is important and why I’m working full steam ahead on getting it done :wink:

The thing here is that diaspora* is trying to be a social network, not a management app for multiple social network identities. The goal should be to have IFTTT, Buffer, and all the other things support diaspora, and not to turn diaspora into something that it doesn’t want to be.


great, you’re working on this now Hank?? Amazing!! are you working on the app links directly, or more like the foundations to make that possible (is that what API is?) ?

Literally coding on it right now. The team put together an API spec. I am implementing that. App developers will have to integrate with it from their side:

brilliant, let me know if there is anything i can do to help (eg test or something, as a complete noob in terms of programming…:slight_smile:)

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have been looking into Mastodon today, totally get why crossposting to that would also be really useful and a great + for Diaspora!!

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IMO crossposting to networks like twitter, FB, instagram etc should not be encouraged for diaspora*. There is a reason why diaspora* started and exists: have a decentralized non-profiling and privacy friendly social media option. All those other networks don’t respect that philosophy. By crossposting to such networks, you help them stay alive.
Opposed to those crossposting options, I would love to see crossposting to other federated networks. So, if anyone wants to put effort in crossposting features, please consider to implement this on networks with similar philosophies and intentions.

hi Rob, thanks for your reply. I see this differently: my immediate problem is that no one who i know is on Diaspora! crossposting abilities would help me convince people to start using Diaspora. i do not think we help them stay alive that way, i think we help us stay alive :stuck_out_tongue:
Also remember: the crossposting is optional! you do not have to use it if you value your privacy over posting to the external partner.
That said, i think crossposting option for Mastodon would be great ! (but also Linkedin :stuck_out_tongue: )

how’s it going with this?? anything i can do to help?

If by “it” you mean the Diaspora API Implementation then it is now feature complete and we are moving into the additional work phase. That’s some stuff we want to get done before we can issue a pull request for real. If you’d like to follow along you can see my updates on Diaspora like here:


If by “it” you mean cross posting to LinkedIn then it’s not something I or anyone else has looked into at this point AFAIK.


yep i meant the crossposting, ok !

To add to this, i read today that crossposting to a Facebook profile is not possible, but that crossposting to a Facebook page IS. Again, if crossposting is something you guys want to get into, then that would be quite useful (many people are turning their FB profiles into pages these days)

We had this capability until Facebook took it out of the API. It was to a user’s profile rather than a page though.

yes, i know, posting to profiles is not possible any longer, but crossposting to pages still is! so if someone would be willing to build the app for that, it could still be possible!

It’s maybe possible to revive the old Facebook code and start from there. That use case is far more niche than the post to ones profile. So while when I first got here I was jumping to get the Facebook bridge working better (and did) I don’t have much personal desire to get the Pages version going. The code in there is relatively straight forward if you want to give a try of it. I’d be happy to help out if you want some guidance on that.

hi, great, i may take you up on that: would it be possible for someone with zero coding experience? i looked it up, crossposting is still possible to FB pages and to FB groups also. If it is possible for a novice to develop, i may put some time into it, also to develop a Linkedin and Mammoth crossposting button!

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