Login session problem

(Garry Knight) #1

I’ve posted on pluspora.com about a problem I and others have had with login sessions being terminated, resulting in some kind of unreadable error message that is what I would call ‘gobbledegeek’ and a complaining email indicating that there has been some kind of lapse in security.

If you read my post and the subsequent comments, you’ll have a good idea of what causes the problem.

Note that I’m not questioning Diaspora’s method of login session management; I’m pointing out that the behaviour, as seen from the user’s point of view, is far from helpful. A screen full of something that looks like XML tells us nothing.

With most, if not all, of the sites I use, if a session lapses, whether it’s due to a timeout or server maintenance, the next time I open a tab linked to that server I either get a message that I’ve been logged out or I get a sign-on page. With Diaspora* it looks like I’m still logged in.

I’d be grateful if the developers would take another look at this and think about it from the user’s point of view. Thanks.


(goob) #2

Hi Garry, thanks for taking time to log this error and sorry that it’s been causing you issues.

You’ve actually come to the wrong place. Easily done. Discourse is a place to discuss ideas for new features, direction for the project, governance and potentially controversial issues. When you find a bug, the place to log it is our GitHub issue tracker. It’s always worth checking for existing issues before opening a new one. There is actually one for what appears to be the same bug that you’re experiencing: Flash error message contains uninterpreted HTML.

@flaburgan is going to look into that bug, so I suggest you have a look at that issue and add any further information you can give to debug it.

I’m going to close this discussion now, as it’s best handled in the GitHub issue.

Thanks again.


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