Loom.io administration

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Who is the administrator of our platform here?

I guess that would be Sean.

For now, it’s me. I would like to appoint another admin or two, though, so long as those admin powers are not abused.

How can the admin powers in Loomio be abused?

Just ignore me if you disagree but I want to widen this discussion to general Administration, that is Github organization, MLs, new project site, Shapado(?), IRC channels (I got ops in #diaspora, #diaspora-dev is unregistered).

Should we have elections? If yes are nominations allowed or just self-nominations? How often to do elections? Distrust votings?

I think at some point, elections for a Community Council may be necessary, but it’s pointless to have elections without some kind of basic structure put in place.

@Altriusm: Just like anyone with admin/mod powers can abuse their position. Ever seen a power-hungry forum moderator? It’s not a pretty sight.

Yeah for defo elections and teams and all the good stuff :slight_smile: But these things take time. I guess it should start with someone actually writing a suggestion and then we vote on it. I’d say no rush, let’s not rush things just to get things forward :slight_smile:

Sean, as admin of a group in Loomio can (1) de-activate the group (close it), (2) take away the opportunity from others to invite new member… can admin do any thing else abusive?

I think an admin can also close proposals.

Can an admin close a group? take away the right to create a subgroup?

+1 for D* Fo elections, but I think it is a little soon for that. We don’t even have a D* Fo yet!

I will say that moving too fast may look like a power grab, IMHO. However if that is what everyone feels urgency about, I am not going to stop you. :slight_smile: