Loomio and Governance

Currently, our Diaspora group only has one admin tending to it, but we can add more. Currently, things like tending to closing proposals can get a little tedious with the amount of sub-groups we have, and I think it’s important that we as a community consider how to improve our responsiveness in regards to community interaction.

Two things:

  1. Do we need more than one admin running the Loomio group?

  2. Would any of our community regulars like to volunteer?

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Hi Sean,

I guess my answers to your questions would be:

  1. Yes, if the current admin (you) feels that they need help or that being admin alone is too burdensome.

  2. I’d be happy to try to help if you think I can, although with the proviso that I’m not going to be that reliably available to attend to things. Let me know if you’d like some help and we can discuss it.

Yes, to both.

My answer is an exact copy of Goob’s answer. I’d love to help you, but need to know what should be done here.

Primarily, the tasks of the Group admin are as follows:

  1. Keep an eye on any public discussions going on. If you want to add your 2 cents, by all means do so, but be sure to try to foster constructive conversation.

  2. When a proposal closes, it is important to set the outcome label so that everyone knows for sure what the course of action is.

  3. Maintain that no spamming/flaming/trolling happens in a conversation. This mostly just means steer conversations away from negativity and flaming. If you see it happening, try to determine why it is happening, and see if a middle ground can be established.

  4. Give the Loomio team your feedback in their group. You are bound to find something somewhere that could be easier, and the team is very open to new ideas. Our feedback in the past has been very useful for improving the tool.

  5. If you would like, you could be made an admin out of one of the subgroups, rather than the whole community. This gives you a tidy, neat little corner to keep an eye on, meaning that no single admin has to be overwhelmed by a huge influx of discussions.

@jonnehass If there’s a specific subgroup you’d like to volunteer for, or if you’d like to be an admin across all subgroups, please let me know. :slight_smile:

I’m happy to give it a go if you think I can help, Sean.

Would be happy to help as a general admin. We should have a handful around.

I can definitely help out with a few subgroups (don’t necessarily need to be a global admin)

Btw, if the amount of admins grows, we should probably have some kind of procedure on future situations where admins need to be added or removed. I guess if someone is really abusing their powers it’s too late since they will do something horrid and remove everyone but for adding new ones or removing old members some simple rules … Maybe we need to start thinking about community council and stuff soon :slight_smile:

I agree. We can do this two ways: volunteer general admins that keep an eye on the community group as a whole, and volunteer subgroup admins, who just keep an eye on actions within the subgroup, and keeping discussions active. I don’t particularly mind mixing and matching, but ultimately it’s up to everyone here to decide where and how they would like to be involved on the group admin side of things.

Just updating this. I’ve appointed those that have stepped up to group admin positions in the following way. I’ve tried to keep it based on the groups I’ve seen members most active in. If anyone wants their groups to be changed, let me know.

@jasonrobinson You’re a general admin for the Diaspora Community group. Additionally, you and @praveenarimbrathod are admins of the Packaging Team group.

@florianstaudacher I’ve made you an admin for the Feature Proposals and Developer Proposals

@jonnehass You’ve been given admin powers for Diaspora Community, Feature Proposals, Developer Proposals, and Governance Proposals/GitHub Organization Governance

Thanks Sean. Once we get some community rules written out we can specify how to handle admins in the future.

Sean, did you intend to make me an admin of any group? I don’t mind if you don’t feel that I’m suitable for any group, or if you now have enough admins without me, but if you’re looking for more, I did offer and would be happy to help. Whatever is most helpful.

I think for the time being, we have enough admins. That being said, if you’d like to be one in the future or help out with a specific group, I’m sure no one would mind the extra help. :slight_smile:

That’s fine. I just wanted to check.