Mark last read location

I like to read entries in chrono order. If I end up at the top of the stream I want to get back to where I was without needing to scroll, wait, scroll, wait. If it’s been a while that process can take forever.

Click to mark position when I leave? Automatically mark when a post scrolls into my view as I go?

Ok, how about to the last item I liked or commented on? I get those in my My Activity list. Some way to click on a discussion and jump to it in the stream.

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Hi, this seems interesting. Not for a very populated stream where things just keep falling through, but certainly for users with just a few, intimate contacts, that desire to be able to go reading orderly. But, in this case, it’s also true that there’s not that much to scroll down, at least to justify a developer’s work… Just thinking about.
Kind regards!