May someone explain this setting to me?

(Balaco) #1

Where: [somewhere I cannot write] > Preferences > Emails


Mailing list mode
[ ] Enable mailing list mode
This setting overrides the activity summary.
Muted topics and categories are not included in these emails.

I expect (or, in other words, I want) to be aware of several things by email. I already receive a daily digest (with a few issues and limitations I did not want, but better than nothing). I want to receive one email everytime: someone quotes my posts; someone replies to me¹; if moderators do anything with my posts, then I really want to receive a complete copy of it, together with the reason of the action taken. This list may not be complete.

The reason of my question is: I only come here eventually. My email is left open all the time, even when I am focused on anything else. Some fora software work exactly like I want… and that is not any new idea.

(Benjamin Neff) #2

In mailing list mode you will receive one email per post, as happens with traditional mailing lists. This is desirable if you prefer to interact via email, without visiting the forum website.


(Balaco) #3

Thank you, Benjamin. A very good and constructive reply in a day where I am just disappointed with most of the good feelings I had about Diaspora before coming here.

There are a couple of threads which do not have answers or useful or constructive ideas, with even one one recent that that says that have one reply, but right now I see nothing but my first post there. Both threads were quickly closed, so I will just stop trying to learn and/or improve anything around here. In one of them, wanting to reply, I did an edit - which cannot be removed, I guess, or it would have also been, in this tyrannic place.

(Boris Rybalkin) #4

To the second half of your question, you really want to control your data, why don’t you just run your own pod?
You are the admin, you are in control! :slight_smile:

(Balaco) #5

@cyberb : Running a server is not always something easy. But would the features I described in OP be directly available? Or would I need to fiddle around source code and other possibly hard things to achieve that?