Mention in release announcements that only podmins need to update

(goob) #1

I know this seems blindly obvious to those of us who’ve been around here long enough to grow beards (even Waithamai), but each time there’s a release announcement there’s at least a few new members who comment that they don’t know how to update and are worried about what they need to do.

So, I propose to add a new sentence under the ‘Updating’ section:

Note: only podmins need to update. The new version will then be available to all members of that pod. If you’re not a podmin, you don’t need to do anything!

Everyone happy with that? Any changes to suggest?

(Benjamin Neff) #2

@denschub already changed our template earlier today and added “For podmins” to the updating section:

“For podmins, update instructions are available as usual in the wiki. For those of you who have been testing the release candidate, run git checkout master before the update to get back to the stable release branch.”

(Flaburgan) closed #3